About Judy Stewart

Judy originally created Unpaused as a guide for women wanting to restart an interrupted career or mastermind a new one. However, it has evolved to have a much broader appeal. Today Unpaused is for any woman who wants to realise her professional aspirations and make a difference in her world.

A barrister who, after taking time off to raise four sons, discovered professional fulfilment at the helm of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Foundation, Judy’s career reinvention and renewal was striking and original. She realised that it would be up to her to forge a return to the career she knew she could have, once the boys were on their way. She understood that the sort of job she wanted was not going to find her; she would have to find it.

The different pathways she took, the extraordinary people she met and worked with, the historical figures and contemporary leaders whose resourcefulness and resilience inspired many of Judy’s successes, prompted her to create Unpaused.

With a book coming soon, and six seasons of Unpaused the Podcast available now, Unpaused is a rich repository of stories and advice that prove a career can always be reimagined.


Produced by Leonie Marsh
Sound Engineers: Lana Kristensen & Jason Millhouse