Episode 10 // Marc Blazer: The Investor’s Eye

November 14, 2019

“I’ve certainly learned more from my partners then I’ve given to them”

Marc Blazer speaking to Unpaused founder Judy Stewart, Brisbane, October 2019

Marc Blazer, long-term investor in Rene Redzepi’s renowned restaurant, noma, and now co-investor in PRIOR, is our second guest for Season 2 of Unpaused. ⁠ 

Marc, who created Overture Investment Partners, to invest in talent-driven  – and often disruptive – consumer businesses, outlines what he looks for when he’s weighing up an investment opportunity, how that approach to investing evolved and the value he believes he brings to the table.

Marc’s Bio

Marc Blazer, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of PRIOR and the Chairman and CEO of Overture Holdings, an investment firm with interests in hospitality and consumer businesses including world renowned restaurant noma. Marc is also the co-founder of The MAD Foundation.