Episode 37 // Oana Aristide: The Accidental Hotelier

May 17, 2022

“In truth, I wanted to study literature or film directing, and when I informed  my family; my mom and my grandmother just started crying. They didn’t say no. They didn’t try to talk me out of it. They just started crying. They were convinced I would starve. So in the face of that, I decided to go with economics.

Oana speaking to Judy via Zoom, April 2021



Oana Aristide was born in Transylvania, to parents of Romanian, Greek and Yemeni background. After the fall of communism the family emigrated to Sweden. She has worked in the City of London as a macroeconomist, and as an advisor to the Romanian prime minister. In 2018 she took on the task of converting a heritage villa on the Greek island of Syros into a small hotel, and now divides her time between Syros and London. Her debut novel Under the Blue, a literary thriller about a pandemic, the rise of AI, and how – or why – we might save the human race, is published in hardback and eBook by Serpent’s Tail.