Episode 42 // Naomi Bulger: A Writer Rights Herself

October 14, 2022

I wanted to be a writer and I knew it.

Naomi speaking to Judy via Zoom, September 2022



Naomi Bulger is a former magazine editor, illustrator, and communications coach.

She started Tangle & Fern in 2020, to work alongside big-hearted women to help them share their work in public. Together, they create beautiful, true-to-them brands that feel honest and easy to use, and plan and write compelling content that gives a framework and a unique voice to their ideas and stories.

The brands and content they develop help form a language that genuinely represents her clients and their values, enabling these women to find and connect with the people who are looking for them. 

Naomi’s been crafting thoughtfully-written content, and building authentic brands for more than 15 years; first as a journalist and editor, and then as a brand and communications manager for local and national companies and not-for-profits. 

In that time, she’s helped bloggers and crafters turn their business dreams into reality; she’s launched successful print magazines and charity campaigns and she’s helped business-owners build online communities and loyal customers through websites, newsletters, and social media.