Episode 47 // Lara Keating: Let Them Eat Viennoiserie

July 20, 2023

“Food had always been something that I was interested in and really loved…”

Lara speaking to Judy in the recording studio, June 2023



My experience has been gained as a small business operator for over 15 years, with a track record of launching successful retail and wholesale food businesses. I have significant people and business experience leading teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences. I’m passionate about product development, quality, and differentiation. I take pride in being highly strategic, with the ability to implement detailed plans and operational activities. I enjoy working with suppliers and building long term and strong relationships to enable robust commercial outcomes. I take great pride in building teams and supporting each member to thrive.

I’m passionate about building and facilitating exceptional experiences for all stakeholders (customers, suppliers and staff). With a French background and a keen interest in food and beverages, I find great pleasure and joy in discovering and sharing new authentic experiences – whether fine dining or the simplest yet most delicious baguette and smear of salted butter.