Episode 17 // Get Your House in Order

Unpaused Uplifts

April 21, 2020

The pandemic has brought Unpaused into the here and now. So today, and in coming weeks Unpaused is changing direction temporarily, to help you focus on the many ways of getting your house in order. With hours to fill at home, there’s good work to be done that will stand you in great stead when the world returns to some sort of normal.  ⁠

⁠Listen too for practical ways to uplift the spirits and distract you from the relentless cycle of news; good books, great YouTube videos and other creative efforts to help you refocus the way you see the world, for the better.⁠

⁠Today, a conversation between Judy and Unpaused’s producer, Leonie Marsh on creating structure for the working day at home, impressions of New York and a favourite book that’s the perfect read for right now.⁠

// Hosted by Judy Stewart // Produced by Leonie Marsh // Sound Engineer: Jason Millhouse // Research Assistant: Claudia Cameron // Instagram: @_unpaused