Episode 18 // She’s Back – Julie Gibbs

Unpaused Uplifts

April 21, 2020

You may remember book publisher Julie Gibbs, in Season 1 of the podcast; in fact, she was our very first guest. ⁠Today, we revisit Julie’s story, as her pause comes to an end and her new role, as Head Consultant of the Australian Culinary Archive project, is formalised and acclaimed. ⁠Julie’s steadfastness to her professional circle, and her regard for the culinary culture of Australia, which she brought so artfully to print for so long, has now brought her full circle. It proves the merit of her advice to us last year… “to maintain your connections, force yourself to get your hair done and put on a dress, even when you least feel like it…” In fact, it was her presence at a serendipitous event that bore no relation to her formal career, that opened a door to this new opportunity. We couldn’t be more pleased for her. ⁠

// Hosted by Judy Stewart // Produced by Leonie Marsh // Sound Engineer: Jason Millhouse // Research Assistant: Claudia Cameron // Instagram: @_unpaused